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IO Industries DVR Express Core 2

Can record at data rates up to 1620 MB/s!

  • Uncompressed recording to removable solid state drives
  • Remote control by external computer
  • Data protection using RAID
  • Low power and light-weight
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure

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With models available for recording from most popular video standards, IO Industries DVR Express® Core2 is the most advanced digital video recorder and the first portable DVR designed to work the way you do. It’s small enough to hand-carry to a data collection site. Data can be quickly and conveniently downloaded to a computer using its 3Gb eSATA port. As well, Core2’s quad-pack solid state drive shuttle can be removed in just a few seconds and the 2.5″ SATA drives can then be installed into a computer for analysis.

Multi-Camera synchronised recording

The DVR Express Core 2 can record from up to four cameras simultaneously, core2-synchronised-recordingsimplifying multi-camera recording applications such as motion capture, stereoscopic imaging, volumetric particle tracking and more. Built-in synchronisation tools allow accurate alignment of each camera’s exposure, provided the cameras support such features. Timestamps can be applied to the images based on the exposure trigger point or any time thereafter.

Storage capacity for long recordings

core2-up-to-15tb-storageThe DVR Express Core 2 can be configured with up to 15 TB of removable solid state storage, meaning tens of minutes if not hours of video can be recorded, without the need to download to disk after recording! Long-duration video recording allows for greater analysis of processes over time, a feature not possible with other camera systems.

Uncompressed Recording

These powerful recorders store high-bandwidth uncompressed video core2-uncompressed-recordingdata from up to four cameras, preserving all the detail and dynamic range of the original digital video data. This allows frame-by-frame review of recordings as though each frame is its own still picture.


Non-volatile solid state mediacore2-non-volatile-solid-state-media

The DVR Express Core 2 incorporates a removable cartridge (Drive Shuttle) holding up to four solid-state drives built with NAND flash technology. Using solid-state media ensures reliable continuous recording with no dropped frames, plus tolerance to shock and vibration. Recording directly to non-volatile storage protects data in the event of a power loss, whereas a RAM-based video recorder would lose the data immediately.

CoreView DVR Software

Easy-to-use CoreView software is included with each DVR Express Core 2, coreviewallowing configuration and operation of one or more DVRs. Each camera is shown with an independent display window, and multiple monitors can be used to show each camera full-screen on separate displays. After recording, files can be played back or reviewed frame-by-frame, then exported into commonly-supported image or video file formats including BMP, JPG, TIF, AVI, MOV, RAW and more. Learn more about CoreView


All recorded video frames are assigned a digital timestamp which is stored core2-timestampingalong with each frame’s video data in the recording file. Accurate timestamps allow correlation between recorded video frames and other timestamped data sources. The precision of each timestamp is 100 nanoseconds with a time accuracy of +/-50 microseconds or better, depending on the master time reference source.

Models available are:

  • DVR Express® Core2 CoaXPress
  • DVR Express® Core2 Camera Link
  • DVR Express® Core2 SDI – Not for new design

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CORE View is a free piece of software for use only with the IO Industries DVR Express CORE range. Find out more about CoreView