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IO Industries Streams 7

Powerful software for real-time synchronised data recording to hard disk

  • Record multiple devices
  • Synchronised playback
  • All camera types and frame grabbers
  • GPS/IRIG, DAQ’s etc also supported

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Powerful software designed to handle all of the data recording requirements for an application. Whether your needs are to record a single video camera in the lab, or 15 high-speed cameras at a rocket launch, Streams 7 has the capability. Provides simultaneous data recording from a variety of streaming devices, synchronising these data streams using computer time, GPS time, or IRIG-B time. This makes Streams 7 a perfect match for apps such as airborne recording systems, where requirements often extend to recording data from multiple cameras, a GPS receiver, an altimeter, and a navigational instrument. Stream7 is now available supporting both x86 and x64 platforms.

With 4 different licensing structures available the pricing structure is competitive and affordable

  • Supporting both x86 and x64 platforms
  • Real-time synchronized data recording to hard disk from multiple devices with synchronized playback.
  • Supports most analogue and digital video cameras; GPS receivers; altimeters; IMU/INS devices; sound cards; and general purpose data acquisition cards.
  • Synchronisation of data streams using computer time, IRIG-B time, GPS time.
  • Automatic cataloguing of recordings within video library provides quick access for playback.
  • Multiple triggering methods by hardware or software, with pre-trigger recording.
  • Event marking during or after recording.
  • Compressed or uncompressed video recording.
  • Image import/export to AVI, JPEG, TIFF, text, and raw binary files.
  • Scripting for automation of recording procedures.
  • Io Industries DVR Express Video recorder cards
  • Io Industries Flare High Speed Camera
  • Basler Cameras
  • Imperx Cameras