JAI Apex 10GigE - Multipix Imaging
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JAI Apex 10GigE

3-sensor R-G-B industrial cameras

  • True raw image data (Red, Green and Blue).
  • 10GigE Vision interface.
  • Analog gain and exposure setting for each individual R-G-B channel.
  • Flexible color space conversion.
  • Robust and compact design (Shock 50G/Vibration 3G).

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Apex 3-sensor R-G-B prism 10GigE Vision area scan cameras

The Apex Series cameras are 3-sensor R-G-B prism cameras that separate the incoming light into red, green and blue wavelengths, which are directed to three separate image sensors.

The cameras deliver exceptionally accurate R-G-B raw image data ideal for demanding color machine vision applications across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, printing/packaging and imaging in microscopy and medical diagnostics equipment.

The 3-sensor imaging technique provides more accurate per-pixel color values than those obtainable with the Bayer Mosaic technique relying on interpolation routines alone to define pixel color values. The cameras also offer more precise spatial resolution, enabling accurate edge detection and the ability to resolve smaller details.

The latest CMOS cameras in the Apex Series represent a large step forward in resolution, speed and color pre-processing functions all at a very reasonable price point. This will enable many more vision designers to step up to the increased value that comes from incorporating a prism-based color camera from JAI.

JAI Apex Series product highlights

  • The Apex series comprises 11 different cameras, CMOS, with resolutions from 1.6 to 3.2 megapixels.
  • The latest AP-3200T models features Sony Pregius IMX265 sensors or IMX252 sensors (10GE model).
  • The AP-1600T models features Sony Pregius IMX273.
  • The CMOS models feature on-board color space conversion including: RGB to HSI, RGB to CIE XYZ and RGB to sRGB/Adobe RGB.
  • Analog gain and exposure time can be set independently for the R-G-B channels allowing for better SNR conditions.