JAI Fusion 10GigE - Multipix Imaging
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JAI Fusion 10GigE

Multi-sensor, Multi-spectral imaging cameras

  • 2 or 3 visible bands + NIR
  • 1.6MP to 3.2MP Sony IMX Sensors
  • Replace multi-camera with single-camera
  • Create powerful solutions


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Fusion Series are multi-sensor, multispectral area scan cameras

JAI’s Fusion Series of multispectral prism cameras provide simultaneous images of multiple wavebands through a single optical path. The cameras split incoming light into two or three separate sensors with precise pixel-to-pixel alignment regardless of motion or viewing angle.

Fusion Series cameras are ideal for life sciences or surgical applications using NIR fluorescence; for intelligent farming techniques such as NDVI/NDRE vegetation analysis or autonomous weed removal systems; for fruit, vegetable, and other types of food sorting or inspection; for electronics/PCB inspection; and much more.

You can choose from several standard models with predefined configurations of visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavebands, or you can use JAI’s innovative Flex-Eye technology to design your own configuration with two or three custom wavebands perfectly tailored to your application requirements.

JAI Fusion Series product highlights include

  • Standard or custom-designed configurations with up to three wavebands and up to 3.2 megapixels per channel.
  • Custom waveband specifications (Flex-Eye concept) as narrow as 25 nm located in the 405-1000 nm range (visible – NIR).
  • Simultaneous high-speed capture and output via 10 GigE multi-stream interfaces.