JAI Spark GigE Vision

Advanced cameras delivering high performance

  • 5MP to 12MP resolution
  • CMOS Global Shutter
  • GigE Vision Compliant
  • Link Aggregation for double frame rate (5MP)
  • High Shock and Vibration specs

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Spark CMOS GigE Vision Area scan cameras

Spark Series area scan cameras are the perfect choice for machine vision applications demanding high quality images with the highest possible throughput. They feature the latest CMOS imagers delivering high resolution images at speeds as much as 10 times faster than traditional CCD cameras.

To increase speed further whilst still offer a convenient interface of GigE Vision, some of the Spark cameras support LAG – Link Aggregation.

For example, The SP-5000C-GE2 provides 5-megapixel color GigE Vision output at up to 44 fps, thanks to a two-channel Link Aggregation Group (LAG) interface.

The GigE Vision LAG interface provides the networking convenience of Gigabit Ethernet, but at twice the normal throughput.

Some in this camera series offer Programmable P-iris lens control or 3-axis control for operation of motorized lenses, pan/tilt heads, or other analog accessories

Spark Series cameras feature advanced functions like in-camera pattern correction, multi-ROI, true correlated double sampling (selected models), combined analog and digital gain control (selected models), and efficient global shutters to ensure low noise and high quality images with high pixel uniformity.

Spark Series Product Highlights Include

  • High throughput with outstanding megapixels-per-second performance.
  • High quality images with low noise, high pixel uniformity and no rolling shutter distortion.
  • Large, low-noise pixels provide outstanding low light performance.
  • High dynamic range modes (selected models) capture both bright and dark details under high contrast conditions.
  • Highly resistant to vibration and shock in industrial environments (high reliability, low-cost-of-ownership).

The combination of the above features with high sensitivity, industrial grade construction, and an attractive price point, makes the Spark Series cameras ideal solutions for high performance machine vision systems and outdoor applications in sports, traffic and surveillance.


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