JAI Sweep+ RGB CameraLink

3-sensor prism-based line scan camera

  • Dichroic RGB beam splitter prism
  • Simultaneous imaging of R/G/B.
  • 2048, 4096 and 8192 pixel resolutions
  • One optical path
  • High colour precision

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3-sensor colour line scan cameras

JAI’s advanced product offering includes a set of 3-sensor R-G-B colour line scan cameras for industrial machine vision applications. Part of the Sweep+ Series, these cameras feature state-of-the-art prism technology providing the best possible performance, precision, and versatility for line scan imaging in continuous production flows.

Typical applications include high-speed web inspection of paper, plastic, film, textiles, tile and lumber, as well as colour print inspection and inspection in the food processing industry.

  • The Sweep+ Series eliminates halo effects and complex alignments associated with inspection of cylindrical/wavy objects.
  • A single optical plane simplifies positioning and encoding tasks.
  • Better light transmittance reduces illumination requirements.

3-CMOS or 3-CCD sensors are precisely-aligned on a beam-splitter prism to a common optical path providing solutions that are easy to set up, with higher colour precision and less colour degradation over time than trilinear color cameras.

With efficient manufacturing facilities and reliable and durable technology, these R-G-B color line scan cameras are available at good price/performance points offering low cost of ownership and supreme color line scan image quality for the most demanding machine vision applications.


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