JAI Sweep+ RGB-NIR 10GigE - Multipix Imaging
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JAI Sweep+ RGB-NIR 10GigE

4-sensor RGB+NIR line scan camera

  • 4096 pixels up to 72kHz
  • 8192 pixels up to 35kHz
  • simultaneous separate imaging of red, green, and blue, plus near-infrared (NIR)
  • F and M52 mount options

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4-sensor colour line scan cameras

In addition to 3-sensor prism line scan cameras, JAI’s Sweep+ Series includes a set of 4-sensor multispectral line scan cameras designed to simultaneously capture R-G-B image data in the visible light spectrum and image data in the near infrared (NIR) light spectrum.

These cameras feature state-off-the-art prism technology providing the best possible performance, precision, and versatility for line scan imaging in continuous production flows.

Typical machine vision applications include inspection in the food processing industry, high-speed web inspection of paper, plastic, film, textiles, tile and lumber, as well as print inspection.

The 4-CMOS sensors are precisely-aligned on a dichroic beam-splitter prism to a common optical path, making them perfect for belt sorting and free-fall applications where the constant changes in speed and direction of items can be problematic for the spatial compensation algorithms in quadlinear cameras.

With efficient manufacturing facilities and reliable and durable technology, these R-G-B-NIR color line scan cameras are available at good price/performance points offering low cost of ownership and supreme colour/NIR image quality for the most demanding machine vision applications.

  • Four prism-mounted image sensors provide simultaneous separate imaging of red, green, and blue, plus near-infrared (NIR) light data.
  • The combined RGB/NIR camera technology makes it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on inspected objects.
  • The Sweep+ Series eliminates halo effects and complex alignments associated with inspection of cylindrical/wavy objects.
  • A single optical plane simplifies positioning and encoding tasks.
  • Better light transmittance reduces illumination requirements.