4-sensor, R-G-B+NIR line scan cameras

  • 2k to 8k pixel resolution
  • up to 72kHz line rate
  • CameraLink, 10GigE and SFP+
  • 8/10bit RGB+NIR output
  • F-mount / M52 mount option

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Contact us for pricing and availability – +44 (0)1730 233332

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Contact us for pricing and availability – +44 (0)1730 233332

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Contact us for pricing and availability – +44 (0)1730 233332

Sweep+ Series RGB+NIR are 4-sensor color line scan cameras

The Sweep+ RGB+NIR Series comprises  4-sensor R-G-B-NIR line scan cameras for industrial machine vision applications.

They features state-off-the-art prism technology providing the best possible performance, precision, and versatility for line scan imaging in continuous production flows.

Typical applications include high-speed web inspection of paper, plastic, film, textiles, tile and lumber, as well as color print inspection and inspection in the food processing industry. The CMOS sensors are precisely-aligned on a dichroic beam-splitter prism to a common optical path, making them perfect for belt sorting and free-fall applications where the constant changes in speed and direction of items can be problematic for the spatial compensation algorithms in trilinear and quadlinear cameras.

Sweep+ Series cameras equipped with four CMOS sensors provide multispectral capabilities by simultaneously capturing R-G-B color image data in the visible light spectrum plus image data in the near infrared (NIR) light spectrum.

Sweep+ Series RGB+NIR product highlights

  • The Sweep+ Series eliminates halo effects and complex alignments associated with inspection of cylindrical/wavy objects.
  • 4-CMOS technology provides simultaneous imaging of R-G-B visible light and near infrared (NIR) light.
  • A single optical plane simplifies camera positioning and encoding tasks.
  • Better light transmittance reduces illumination requirements.

With efficient manufacturing facilities and reliable and durable technology, these color line scan cameras are available at good price/performance points offering low cost of ownership and supreme color line scan image quality for the most demanding machine vision applications.


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