Industries most advanced CameraLink image acquisition system without range limitations. Using fibre optic cables for high resolution image acquisition.

  • Distances up to 40km in single-mode & 300m in multi-mode


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Komodo FXCL system is the industry most advanced Camera Link image acquisition system without range limitations. The system uses fiber optic cables to provide high resolution image acquisition interface for distances up to 40km in single-mode and up to 300m in multi-mode, while each Camera Link Full interface translated to single fiber cable.

The Komodo FXCL system is capable of receiving video streams from Camera Link Full camera while such interface supports standard Camera Link bitrates up to 100MHz. This system is ideally suited for industrial, defense and aerospace Machine Vision Systems and applications.

The system consists of Komodo Fiber frame grabber and CameraLink to Fiber device. The remote unit converts CameraLink interface to fiber optic interface. The Komodo Fiber FXP system uses a high performance flow through DMA to transmit video streams to computer memory through PCIe interface with minimal latency. This product also provides GPIO for machine control signals, such as triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control and general I/O, which can be control aside video stream acquisition.

The Frame Grabber utilises PCIe Gen3 x8 links for communication with Host PC for video uploading and configuration.

Key Features:

  • Up to 8 CameraLink cameras
  • Camera Link Full/80 bit (Deca) support
  • Up to 10km maximum distance
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 interface
  • 144 Gbps DDR3 memory
  • PoCL support
  • On board image processing (DeBayer, FFC and many more)
  • Flexible GPIO interface
  • Sophisticated GUI and SDK support
  • Plug and Play
  • Extended temperature range (optional)


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