Locator Studio, enter 3D vision guided robot applications with ease
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Locator Studio

Easy, fast & reliable – The Locator Studio by Photoneo is a new robotic intelligence software that offers an intuitive UX/UI design, high compatibility with any model of industrial robot or manipulator and easy plug & play installation.

  • Robot Agnostic
  • Quick & Easy Deployment
  • Open TCP/IP Protocol
  • Reporting of Multiple Positions

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Easy, fast & reliable – Locator Studio by Photoneo is a new intelligence software for locating 3D objects that offers an intuitive UX/UI design and high compatibility with any industrial robot or manipulator. Key features include

  • Very fast calculation and reporting of multiple 3D locations/poses from a single scan
  • Open TCP/IP protocol
  • Robot/manipulator agnostic

Locator Studio by Photoneo is a new intelligence software for locating 3D objects on relatively flat or ‘unconstrained’ surfaces in robotic applications.

The software offers a very intuitive UX/UI design and an open TCP/IP communications protocol that is highly compatibility with any industrial robot or manipulator.

Locator Studio provides a very fast, agile and easy-to-use software for accurately locating 3D structured and non-structured objects in shallow bins or easy-to-access environments, where robot passage planning and collision avoidance are not required.


Key Benefits for you

  • Powerful CAD-based pose estimation of multiple objects in a single scan. Support for switching between solutions to search for different parts.
  • Superior 3D scan quality and speed thanks to compatibility with PhoXi 3D Scanner and MotionCam-3D.
  • Scanning Ranges from 161mm – 3780mm
  • Easy calibration of the vision system with the robot. Support for multiple vision systems, fixed or on-arm mounting.
  • Fast integration with arbitrary robot systems thanks to TCP/IP interface and provided robot examples.

Robot Compatability

Locator Studio provides TCP/IP interface for binary encoded exchange of 6-DOF pose data into a robotic controller, PC, or PLC. This universal interface allows the connection of practically any robot manipulator.

Sample robot programs that implement the interface can be found on the Photoneo website. Selected robotic examples are provided for ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, and Universal Robots.



Advanced Picking Applications

Locator Studio is a great tool for vision-guided robotics applications where the objects can be approached by the robot directly, without the need for advanced path planning with collision avoidance.

The most common scenarios are objects lying on a flat surface, ground, conveyors, or stacked in racks. A typical scenario, where advanced path planning with collision avoidance is required is a bin-picking application. It is necessary to account for many possible collisions between the robot and the bin, the robot and the part, robot and the camera system, including accounting for the gripper design and its different states (empty gripper or gripper holding the part).

When parts are overlapping, multiple gripping points are usually considered and the most suitable path to the non-colliding object has to be found. All this functionality is provided by Photoneo’s leading solution for advanced applications – Bin Picking Studio.