Moritex MG-Wave Ringlight Series

The Moritex MG-Wave series is current driven for maximum performance.
Various ranges of LED ringlights for general purpose, low angle, darkfield and shadowless applications.
UV, Blue, Green, Red, IR(850nm) & White

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MG-Wave Series Constant Current Control systems

The MG-Wave Series is designed and manufacturered for optimum performance in Machine Vision applications operating on high-performance processing equipment and inspection systems or in critical conditions in manufacturing facilities. The ‘Constant Current Control System’ enables reduction of heat generation and provides high intensity and stable illumination when compared to other conventional LED illumination and halogen light source systems. The unique patented sensing circuit system addresses one of the most prominent disadvantages of versatility which other current control systems suffer from by automatically detecting the required current value of each individual illumination unit upon connection to the controller.

MG Wave series consist of:
  • MDRL Series: For a wide range of applications
  • MDRL-NS Flat Series: With securing screws for Moritex MML lenses.
  • MLRL Low angle Series: Ideal for shiny or even surfaces
  • MSRL Shadowless Series: Optimal soft, uniform light for shiny surfaces

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Part 7: Machine Vision Lighting

Without good lighting your vision system will never see anything! Therefore identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection solution is vital to the success on the solution.

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Machine Vision Lenses

Multipix supply a large and varied selection of lensing from manufacturers such as, Ricoh (Pentax), Kowa, Moritex, Basler, Computar and many more.

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