Moritex SOD Series - Multipix Imaging
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Moritex SOD Series

Ultra-high precision telecentric lenses with resolution equivalent to microscope objectives but maintaining long working distances and low NA.
Available in magnifications of: 10x, 15x & 20x

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The first telecentric machine vision lens that we introduced with the resolution to rival microscope objectives. The long WD and high NA have made it indispensable for high magnification alignment & inspection applications of 10x or greater.

High performance rear converters allow for magnifications of 15x & 20x to be achieved without changing the working distance allowing microscope type performance in a relatively compact package.

  • 10x optical magnification
  • capable of 15x and 20x with rear converter lenses
  • high NA of 0.23
  • high resolution, 1.5um
  • compact, integrated design


This revolutionary 20x magnification SOD series model has a high NA & resolution that put in in the microscope objective lens class. In addition, it boasts a long WD of 37.5mm that provides you with additional space to install illumination and motion, handling & transfer systems. The all-in-one machine vision lens has a compact body with an integrated coaxial epi-illumination also saving space & improving on-axis light quality.

  • 20x optical magnification
  • Capable of 30x and 40x with rear converter lenses
  • High NA of 0.35
  • High resolution, 1um
  • Variable iris


The SOD-III is an optical unit used for coaxial illumination with objective lenses. If you are using a metallurgical microscope, this unit is effective for image input because it produces video of the same level. It is designed for infinity corrected objective lenses (bright vision). In addition to the monocular type, the 5-hole revolver type (manual and electric) is available, which can be mounted with 5 objective lenses.