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Opto Pattern Projectors LTPRUP

LTPRUP series are powerful LED pattern projectors designed for fast image acquisition in high speed applications where camera exposure time is minimum. LTPR series ensures thinner lines, sharper edges and more homogeneous illumination than lasers.

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Opto Engineering LED pattern projectors have been designed for 3D profiling/reconstruction and for the measurement of objects with complex structures or inclined planes. They are successfully used in a variety of applications like quality control in food and packaging to check for correct volume, reverse engineering, dimensional measurement of electronic components, planarity control of products, robot guidance for pick and place and alignment applications.

When compared to laser emitters, LED technology ensures more homogeneous illumination in addition to sharp edges and no speckle effect.

Many 3D machine vision applications require structured light to be projected onto inclined surfaces, i.e. at a certain angle from the vertical axis. In such cases, the focus is maintained only within a small area close to the center of the field of view and the rest of the image shows relevant defocusing thus making 3D measurement inaccurate.

For this reason, Opto Engineering’s family of pattern projectors includes special projectors equipped with a high-precision tilting mechanism that allows the pattern of the light source to meet the Scheimpflug condition so that the projected light is properly and evenly focused across the entire sample surface.

All Opto Engineering LED projectors feature a wide selection of interchangeable patterns. Furthermore, the size of the projection area can be easily modified by interchanging compatible projection optics: their projectors can be used with different C-mount lenses. To achieve the best results we suggest to use bi-telecentric lenses or zero distortion macro lenses.

LTPRUP series are the most powerful LED pattern projectors designed for fast image acquisition in high speed applications where camera exposure time must be set to the minimum, including planarity control of opaque products, robot guidance for fast pick and place and 3D profiling. LTPRUP are strobe only and provide ultra-high intensity while ensuring extended LED lifetime and reduced heat generation. LTPRUP series are current driven and can be precisely controlled using compatible LTDV strobe controllers series.

LTDV series is designed to drive the LED of LTPRUP pattern projectors with extremely constant current ensuring repeatable results even in applications where low exposure time is required minimising illumination intensity variations down to ± 1%, leading to accurate and repeatable results when compared to models offered by major competitors. Additionally rise and fall time are kept to the minimum: this ensures repeatable results specifically in applications where light intensity is controlled through time-dimming.

Multiple interchangeable patterns, either stripe or grid styles, are available along with optional custom patterns. LTPRUP is easily integrated into any system thanks to its compact design, multiple threaded holes positioned in the rear part, and compatibility with CMHO016 clamping mechanics. Additionally the phase-adjustment design allows for easy pattern alignment.


  • Ultra high-power light output and strobe mode only operation
    Low sensitivity to ambient light for the inspection of fast moving objects and an extended LED lifetime.
  • LED technology
    Thinner lines, sharper edges and more even illumination than lasers.
  • Repeatable results with dedicated strobe controllers
    Compatible LTDV series ensures very stable illumination intensity.
  • Wide selection of projection patterns available
    Chrome-on-glass patterns with geometrical accuracy down to 2 _m.
  • Compatible with any C-mount optics

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