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Photoneo Depalletizer

Universal Depalletiser using AI / Deep Learning

  • Algorithm tested & recognizes more than 5000 types of boxes
  • 1000 boxes per hour
  • 99.7% pick rate
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Robot support includes Yaskawa, Fanuc, KUKA etc


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The next revolution in logistics – autonomous robot enabled depalletising

The Photoneo depalletiser  can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. It all starts with a pallet loaded with boxes being placed inside of the range of the robot. This can be done either manually or automatically, depending on the features of the depalletization line.

The 3D vision device (PhoXi 3D Scanner) then performs a scan of the pallet and transfers the scan into a 3D texture data set. The advantage of this is that this way the data set is not influenced by light conditions and it can be used for a flawless recreation of the boxes shapes.

These shapes are then processed by a machine learning algorithm. Thanks to the large database of taught boxes it can immediately translate the 3D data and recognise each box separately. Afterward, it is only about sending the right command towards the robot that will perform picking with an accuracy of +- 3 millimeters.

  • Type of pallet does not matter, we can work with any
  • Algorithm worked with more than 5000 types of boxes, and it remembers them all
  • Constant learning – each box that the algorithm sees is remembered for the next time

This universal depalletization solution can be deployed in any applications that require the unloading of pallets laden with boxes one by one. Ideal for numerous industries;

  • modern logistics
  • e-commerce
  • fulfillment
  • and warehouse operations

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