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Photoneo MotionCam-3D

Photoneo MotionCam-3D Camera has the highest resolution and highest accuracy area of any 3D camera available. Capturing accurate point-cloud data of a moving object, this revolutionary technology helps create superb 3D automated solutions.

  • Photoneo patented ‘Parallel Structured Light’ technology
  • Scanning in rapid motion

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The highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera in the world

UK customers can now benefit from the MotionCam 3D utilising Photoneo’s own patented technology, ‘Parallel Structured Light‘.  Along with a custom CMOS image sensor the MotionCam-3D is proving to be the best close to mid-range 3D camera for sensing rapid motion.

The key benefits of the Parallel Structured Light technology include:

  • Scanning in a rapid motion – one frame acquisition, 40 m/s motion possible
  • 10 times higher resolution & accuracy than competing technologies – more efficient depth coding
    technique with true, per pixel measurement
  • No motion blur – 10 µs per pixel exposure time
  • Rapid acquisition of 1068 x 800 point-clouds up to 60 fps
  • Outdoor operation under direct sunlight – patent pending technology of active ambient light rejection
  • Interreflection suppression – active ambient light rejection
  • Multiple devices operational simultaneously at the same space

The MotionCam-3D Camera consists of three components: camera unit equipped with Photoneo’s custom Mosaic Shutter CMOS image sensor, laser projection unit and GPU equipped processing unit that serves as a brain for smart applications.

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