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Spectrum Monster Diffused Axial

  • 2″ Compact size
  • 8 different colours
  • Quick disconnect
  • High Output HB LED’s
  • Din Rail mount drive

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Spectrum Illumination Monster Diffused Axial Lights are the brightest on-axis lights available. Monster Diffused Axial Lights leverage our Monster LED’s to provide the most light possible for high speed image acquisition. Diffused Axial lights are used to create even lighting on shiny and uneven surfaces. Diffused Axial lights are built using a beam splitter to reflect the diffused light onto the field of view. The reflected light from the area of interest is then able to pass through the beam splitter into the camera lens. Because the light is on the same axis as the camera and is diffused, the image from a shiny or uneven surface will not have any hot spots or shadows.

Spectrum Illumination is a premier manufacturer of machine vision lighting products providing a wide range of lighting choices. Lighting can make all the difference in getting a good image and making for a successful machine vision application.

Spectrum Illumination Monster Series Lights are engineered to provide up to 100,000 hours of trouble free operation.