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Spectrum Monster Tri-Pod Lights


  • Internal Driver
  • Quick disconnect
  • Modular design

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The Tripod’s triangular design is unique making it possible for the end user to configure the lights to meet their specific needs. Each Tripod Module incorporates the latest high output LED technology available, including Spectrums internal Micro Driver with burst.

The Tripod Modules can be used separately as a spot light or they can be combined to create single, double or multiple row linear lights. They can also be used to create large area lights, ring lights or rectangular ring lights. If the end user needs a light in the shape of an “L”, “U” or “S”, this is possible with the Tripod.


  • Internal Driver
  • Quick disconnect
  • Modular design
  • Can be reconfigured

Spectrum Illumination Monster Series Lights are engineered to provide up to 100,000 hours of trouble free operation.