SVS-Vistek Beyond Visible Series - Multipix Imaging
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SVS-Vistek Beyond Visible Series

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Physical properties of light imperceptible to the human eye are now visible with cameras from SVS-Vistek. These specialized cameras leverage standard industrial imaging systems in terms of technology with polarization planes or wavelengths from infrared to ultraviolet. However, despite cutting-edge imaging capabilities, these cameras are as simple to use as conventional industrial cameras and offer superior price and performance.

The human eye can only see in wavelengths between 400 and 750 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. But, with infrared and ultraviolet light, now Machine Vision Imaging can go far beyond that enabling invisible markings, identification of materials and much more. Even further, properties of light such as polarization facilitate industrial inspection in many industrial applications involving non-metallic materials. The capabilities of these unique cameras make create limitless use cases and applications for SVS-Vistek cameras.


  • SWIR wavelengths up to 1.700 nm
  • Ultraviolet sensitivity starting at 200 nm
  • One sensor for SWIR and VIS wavelengths
  • High quantum efficiency and sensitivity
  • Measurement of polarization degree and polarization angle
  • Rugged industrial machine vision design
  • GenICam and GenTL Interface
  • Choice of GigE Vision or CoaXPress-12 interface

    Industrial design

    Our Beyond Visible cameras leverage the proven platforms of our EXO and FXO series camera platforms. Like those cameras, our nonstandard cameras feature tight thermal bonding of their low-power optimized electronics and sensor to the housing, enabling operating temperatures up to 60°C (140° F). An integrated power I/O interface permits simple control tasks to be performed with hardware precision via PLC functionality. Without requiring additional drivers, up to 4 LED lights can be directly controlled to enable, for example, the identification of substances under inspection. As standard features, all cameras from SVS-Vistek include: region of interest (ROI), logic trigger functions (PLC) with programmable timers, sequencers and logic functions, and optical and electrical inputs specified with TTL-24V. While EXO versions of nonstandard cameras are equipped with GigE Vision and USB interfaces, the FXO versions provide even faster frame rates with high-speed 10GigE and CoaXPress-12 interfaces.