SVS-Vistek HR Series - Multipix Imaging
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SVS-Vistek HR Series

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Details on speed

The HR Series combines high-resolution image sensors with powerful machine vision interfaces. Using state-of-the-art interfaces, the HR achieves data rates of up to 25Gbit/s and resolutions of up to 120 MP.

HR series cameras achieve the highest possible resolutions for industrial machine vision. The data interfaces are the most powerful interfaces in the machine vision world. An elaborately designed massive housing ensures excellent temperature management and allows fanless operation even with large sensors.

High-resolution sensors require special care in managing the homogeneity of the image. Excellent tap balancing, lens shading correction for demanding optical tasks and customizable defective pixel correction ensure outstanding linearity, homogeneity and low noise.

Powerful features

CCD and CMOS sensors from CANON, Sony and ON Semi
Monochrome and color (Bayer pattern, auto white balance)
Housing with M58 lens thread
Minimal 128 MB internal image memory, burst mode (10GigE / Dual GigE)
14 bit AD converter with 8 or 12 bit transmission (CCD)
Tap balancing, defect pixel correction
ROI, LUT, binning, gamma, offset
GenICam and GenTL driver, 10GigE and GigE Vision
Integrated multi channel LED strobe controller
Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232
Available with Dual GigE Vision, Camera Link or CaoXPress interface

GigE models also have these additional properties:

10 GigE or Dual GigE Vision data interface (2 x 120 MB/s)
Up to 100 meter cable length
Shading correction
2 x 2 binning
GenTL driver

Camera Link models also have these additional properties:

Camera Link data interface
Pixel Clock Setting for CCD sensors
4 x 4 binning
Power over Camera Link (PoCL)

CoaXPress specific properties:

Quad CoaXPress-6 (4 x 6.25 Gbit/s)
Support for lang data cables

One of the most compact camera modules of its class

The M58 lens thread (FFD 11.48 mm / F-mount optional) has been designed so that almost all lenses can be connected using appropriate adapters and adjusted to optimum effect for your imaging task. The IO design features programmable IO logic, a sequencer, timer, SafeTrigger and an integrated 4-channel LED flash controller. The light controller integrated in the GenICam tree of the camera can be managed via any GenICam application (for example HALCON, MERLIC, MatLab, VisionPro) or the SDK. The high resolution permits an extremely wide field of vision and therefore makes the HR suitable for applications such as optical metrology, quality control and wide-field surveillance. The HR is available with Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet or CoaXPress interfaces.