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Xenics Wildcat 640

A high performance area scan InGaAs camera with low noise and high dynamic range

• Up to 220HZ frame rate
• Low noise and low dark current
• CameraLink or USB3 Vision interfaces

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The Xenics Wildcat 640 series is a performance area scan camera based on an temperature stabilised InGaAs detector with a 640 x 512 pixel resolution. The main difference to other SWIR based cameras is the Wildcat offers high end performance frame rates of up to 110 Hz, with a 220 Hz variant available for advanced users (additional heat sink required).

Low weight and power consumption makes them great for SWIR applications such as hyperspectral imaging, semiconductor inspection or laser beam analysis.

CameraLink or USB3 Vision interfaces are supported.


  • Frame rate up to 110 Hz or 220 Hz
  • High dynamic range
  • Low noise and low dark current
  • Thermoelectric stabilised cooling/heating
  • CameraLink or USB3 Vision interface options

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