Progress your Vision Application to the Next Level

With HALCON Progress 21.11 you can do just that!

Preview – HALCON 21.11

MVTec have unveiled the first look at the next release of HALCON Progress and with it comes new features and improvements.

Instance Segmentation

Improved Barcode Reader

Improved Dictionary Handling

MVTec extend the functional scope of HALCON and it’s deep learning features with a new technology called instance segmentation.

This new Feature combines all the advantages of semantic segmentation and object detection. Instance segmentation allows users to assign objects to different classes with pixel accuracy, perfect for bin picking as well as identifying and measuring.

HALCON’s barcode reader is improved in terms of robustness in case of blurred Code 128/GS1-128 codes, now codes with a larger amount of blur can be read.

Limitations in depth of focus and motion can cause such codes to blur. The popularity around the Code 128/GS1-128 due to its compact size and high data density means it is frequently used in logistics.

Dictionaries make it easy and convenient to manage data in HALCON. Different data types such as images, ROIs and parameter settings can be bundled in a single dictionary.

HALCON 21.11 brings several improvements that make the handling of dictionaries even easier and faster. Dictionaries can now be initialized with a single operator call.

Future-Proof Interface

Generic shape matching in HALCON offers user-friendly access to MVTec’s industry-proven shape matching technologies. In HALCON 21.11 existing functionalities are enhanced based on customer feedback to increase usability.

The clutter feature has been integrated, handle inspection has been optimized, and additional parameters have been integrated and included in the automatic parameter estimation.

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