ProPhotonix announce a new multispectral LED line light, COBRA MultiSpec. COBRA MultiSpec offers extremely bright and uniform illumination with discrete control of up to 12 wavelengths available.

COBRA MultiSpec is designed to deliver multispectral tunable illumination allowing you to optimise your image acquisition. To enable rapid data acquisition and analysis, multispectral strobe patterns with up to four optically independent strobe lines come as standard.

Key Features:

  • Up to 12 wavelengths available
  • Four independent strobe lines
  • On-board Ethernet control
  • Modular: available in any length
  • Input Power Monitoring

COBRA MultiSpec is ideal for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging applications across a wide range of industries. This includes multispectral inspection of currency, food, semi-conductor, plastics and many more.

COBRA MultiSpec is a part of the popular COBRA series and offers many of the existing benefits in this series such as field adjustable optics, allowing users to select the optimum lens position for their specific applications.

Learn more about the new COBRA Multispec line light