Prophotonix launch the 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser

The 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser – a Structured Light Laser Module – is an externally focusable, 19mm diameter industry-standard laser module that can seamlessly integrate into existing systems. With line widths from 30um to 120mm, a wide variety of wavelengths ranging from the UV to the infrared and power levels up to 100mW, it offers excellent uniformity and optical flexibility. It is also available in a number of beam options including single, dotted line, multiline, and crosshair.

The adjustable external focus allows users to fine-tune the laser for optimal performance without the need for complex tools. The unique external focus mechanism preserves factory set alignment and bore sight settings while its lock-in mechanism maintains desired focal distance. In addition, it can be configured for a wide range of focus and beam shaping options.

The 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser is compatible with the majority of existing machine vision applications including 3D measurement, dimensional scanning, positioning, high speed sorting, and inspection.

Find further details on the 3D PRO Laser here