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Road to Machine Vision

Part 1: Introduction to Multipix Imaging

Multipix Imaging is a leading distributor of machine vision components. Highly regarded throughout the industry for providing knowledgeable, friendly and customer focused service for over 25 years.

    Part 2: The Road To Vision

    Firstly there are two main approaches for creating a machine vision solution, which one is used will depend on the image processing demands and situational use of the inspection system.

      Part 3: Machine Vision Camera Technology

      There are two main category of cameras for machine vision inspection systems, namely area scan cameras and line scan cameras. Before diving into where and when to use line scan cameras over area scan cameras, it is important to first understand the difference in the sensor technology used.

        Part 4: 3D Imaging

        3D imaging is a very popular topic today but where and when to use 3D imaging for inspection is not always understood. Here, Multipix Imaging aims to explain when 3D is most applicable and what 3D imaging techniques are available for Machine Vision.

          Part 5: Image Processing Software

          A machine vision, or computer vision solution is heavily reliant on software that is used to process and inspect images, document and store data, as well as provide feedback to PLC’s for machine system control.

            Part 6: Machine Vision Lenses

            Multipix Imaging’s Technology Specialists are trained in identifying and advise our customers on the best lens for the application. Selecting the correct lens for optimum image quality for your application is where Multipix Imaging can help. Lenses can have considerably different characteristics that will impact the final image as well as the suitability for the environment they are being used in.

              Part 7: Machine Vision Lighting

              Without good lighting your vision system will never see anything! Therefore identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection solution is vital to the success on the solution.