Part 1: Introduction to Multipix Imaging - Multipix Imaging
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Introduction to Multipix

Multipix Imaging is a vision specialist and leading distributor of machine vision components.

Highly regarded throughout the industry for providing knowledgeable, friendly, and customer focused service for over 25 years. Multipix are far from the stereotypical ‘box-shifting’ distributor. We very much like to be thought of as vision specialist, recommending, supplying and supporting machine vision components, offering in-depth technical know-how and sharing real-world applications experience.

Multipix is wholly owned by its 2 directors.  Simon Hickman (MD) has an Engineering degree and a wealth of knowledge gained from 25 years at a high level in the Machine Vision industry.  Together with James Stouse (FD) who has a background in Corporate Accounting, it is a great combination to lead Multipix into the future.

The experienced Multipix Sales Team have a high level of technical knowhow, in depth product knowledge and a great deal of experience with applications in real world situations. The Technical Support Team strive to keep one step ahead of the technology and often push it to its limits.  With a vast range of evaluation and test equipment, we are constantly appraising new products so the team can act with confidence when discussing requirements with customers. Our ‘in-house’ technical resources are also readily available to respond to customer queries, both pre and post sales.

The pre-sales process is hugely important to us.  The support team work closely with the sales team in evaluating and assessing customer requirements.  It is an ingrained philosophy from Director level down, that Multipix will only recommend tested products that we are confident in and that are appropriate to the needs of the customers.  Sample testing and feasibility work is often key to project success.

Pre-sales work can range from a simple lens or compatibility check, through to recommending every component in the ‘vision chain’.  The term ‘vision chain’ originated at Multipix.  It refers to all the individual components required for an inspection task; Lighting – Filter – Lens – Camera – Cable – Interface Card – Processing Software.  There is also a slightly different ‘smart vision chain’ where many of the individual components are combined into a single ‘smart camera’ device. There are many reasons why one approach might be used over the other and in second article of this series, both will be explained in greater detail.

What is Machine Vision?

What is machine vision and why use it?  The simplest description is to say that by using camera technology, we provide a system or a machine with ‘eyes’ so that it can act automatically and provide necessary feedback or make a decision. Think robot pick & place, Think autonomous vehicles, Think food & beverage inspection, Think ePassport control, Think print and label inspection… the list goes on. Both today and into the future, the machine vision industry is set to grow for many years to come. Multipix is committed to playing a leading role to support this industry in the UK and Ireland.

Read more in Part 2 and discover Machine Vision Design.  Here we explain the two main design approaches – The discrete ‘vision chain’ components solution vs a smart camera solution and why use one approach over the other.