Part 1: Introduction to Machine Vision

Multipix Imaging is a leading distributor of machine vision components. Highly regarded throughout the industry for providing knowledgeable, friendly and customer focused service for over 20 years.

Multipix are far from the stereotypical ‘box-shifting’ distributor. Supplying and supporting machine vision components successfully requires in-depth technical know-how and real-world applications experience. The two Directors are the owners of this privately held company; all having an engineering background and working in the industry in excess of 20 years. The Multipix Sales Team have a high level of technical skill, regularly trained on products and their application in real world situations. It goes without saying that the Technical Support Team strive on a daily basis to keep ahead of the technology and push it to its limits, constantly appraising sales so the team can act with confidence when discussing requirements with customers. Not only that, the ‘in-house’ support team are available to readily respond to customer queries, both pre and post sales. The pre-sales process is given the upmost importance by the support team who work closely with sales in evaluating and assessing the customers’ requirements. It is an ingrained philosophy from Director level down, that Multipix only sell a product if they are confident it is appropriate to the needs of the customers. Customers can send a product sample for evaluation so the success of an inspection can be determined. The pre-sales effort can range from checking a lens is correct through to recommending all the components in the ‘vision chain’. The term ‘vision chain’ originated at Multipix and means all the components required for an inspection task;  Lighting – Filter – Lens – Camera – Cable – Interface Card – Processing Software.  There is also the ‘smart vision chain’ where many of these are combined into a single smart camera device. There are many good reasons why one approach is used over the other and in second article of this series, both will be explained in greater detail. But first, What is machine vision and Why use it? The simplest description is that is gives a system or a machine some eyes so it can act automatically on the image data being capture and provide necessary feedback .  Think robot pick and place, Think autonomous vehicles, Think automatic gated entry systems, Think food crop inspection, Think ePassport control, Think print and label inspection….the list goes on and on. In today’s world and that of the future, it is no surprise that the machine vision industry is set on a path of growth for many years to come. Multipix is committed to playing a leading role and supporting the UK’s industry.
Read more in Part 2 and discover Machine Vision Design.  Here we explain the two main design approaches – The discrete ‘vision chain’ components solution vs a smart camera solution and why use one approach over the other.

“Multipix only sell a product if they are confident it is appropriate to the needs of the customer”

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