Automated Inspection for the Food and Beverage Industry

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Use machine vision to automate your inspection task and improve productivity, reduce waste and increase quality.
Verifying the different variables on a label (e.g. product weight, cost, ingredients and current promotions) can be accomplished through the use of optical character recognition (OCR) as well as reading barcodes to identify product contents.    
In all industries, goods are typically packed in carton boxes to protect them and simplify their handling during the storage and transportation phases. Secondary packaging can be a critical step since manufacturers have to make sure that the right items, in the right quantity, are properly placed in cartons.  
Ensure maximum quality and productivity by carefully monitored and controlled manufacturing processes in order to identify potential defects and/or bad quality products.  
  Bad package sealing and boxes with open flaps are two common issues in the packaging industry. These two situations have to be detected properly and immediately in order to avoid product quality/recall problems.