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Machine Vision for Food & Beverage

Become a leading manufacture in your field; automate your food and beverage inspection task.

Using machine vision for automated inspection tasks will improve productivity, reduce waste and increase quality. Verifying different variables on a label (e.g. product weight, cost, ingredients and current promotions) can be accomplished through the use of optical character recognition (OCR), as well as reading barcodes to identify product contents.    

In all industries, inspection is carried out at one point in the production process. Machine vision cameras for automated inspection also play a critical role in production, whether it is checking for defects and anomalies. carrying out measurement, or even, for example, checking the ripeness of fruit and vegetables before it is picked or packaged.

You can ensure maximum quality and productivity by using carefully monitored and controlled manufacturing processes in order to identify potential defects and/or poor quality products. Package sealing errors and boxes with open flaps are two common issues in the packaging industry. These two issues have to be detected immediately and properly in order to avoid product quality/recall problems. All-In-One smart cameras are widely used in automation systems. The low power requirements, IP housing, and ease of use ensure that users can seamlessly install machine vision to automate their systems.

See What The Eyes Can’t.

Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) cameras are extremely good for food and beverage automated systems. SWIR cameras can show the small differences in products that you wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eye.

Catching foods that have defects or finding contamination in coloured bottles for example ,can ensure the quality of the goods being delivered to stores and markets across the world. Not only can you reduce the amount of waste and risk with a SWIR camera, you will also save costs by reducing the likelihood of human error.

Small, light weight cameras with specially designed InGaAs sensors can be used in a wide range of environment’s and offer high-speed inspection with incredibly low noise images.