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Washer Inspection System

Using Euresys EasyGauge and the eGrabber bridge libraries, the Multipix support team have built a system to inspect a round metallic washer. The camera is triggered by a hardware trigger signal, which in turn is used to trigger the light. This keeps the light and exposure time synchronized. A pattern match is performed on the washer to locate it, then the centricity of the inner and outer edges of the part is found and printed to the screen.


New Easy3DMatch

3D alignment and inspection library
  • Align a scanned 3D object with another scan or with a reference mesh
  • Compute the local distances between 3D scans and a golden sample or reference mesh
  • Detect anomalies such as misplaced features, geometric distortions, gaps, bumps,…
  • Compatible with all 3D sensors that produce point clouds, depth maps or height maps

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