Revolutionary 3D Camera Technology from Photoneo – MotionCam 3D

Photoneo MotionCam-3D, the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera in the world.

After being awarded the prestigious Vision Award at the Vision Show, UK customers are now benefitting from the MotionCam 3D utilising Photoneo’s own patented technology, ‘Parallel Structured Light‘.  Implemented by a custom CMOS image sensor, the Camera is able to capture objects moving as fast as 40 m/s and shoot at up to 20 FPS. The system processes ~15M 3D points per second, providing sub-millimeter precision. Thanks to ambient light suppression, the technology works also in challenging light conditions, with no motion blur. With this novel approach, multiple Cameras can be used to capture a moving scene from different viewpoints and create a complete 3D reconstruction.

Take a look at these videos and see the MotionCam 3D capturing a 3D rapid motion image.

What makes the MotionCam 3D different to other 3D cameras? It’s all about the patented Photoneo ‘Parallel Structured Light‘ technology.  Parallel Structured Light uses a clever sensor design to parallelise the sequential structured light, allowing it to capture the scene lit by different patterns at the exact same time. It shares most of the advantages of the sequential structured light like resolution and level of accuracy, but in addition, solves one of its biggest limitations – the ability to capture a dynamic environment. Multipix Imaging, the UK distributor for Photoneo 3D products are ready to demo this product.

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