Intuitive robotic applications with Basler 2D cameras


In the past programming robots with vision components usually required knowledge of both robotics and manufacturer specific robot programming. To overcome this, Basler has been working with drag&bot to embed their pylon Camera Software Suite, compatible with Linux, into their own software.

Joint integration makes it possible to install and calibrate Basler 2D cameras with drag&bot software with just a few mouse clicks. Users will benefit from the proven driver stability and simple camera configuration of pylon software alongside the graphical user interface of drag&bot. Once configured the camera is ready for use with image processing functions such as part location.

Basler cameras are integrated via the pylon camera driver for the Robot Operating System (ROS). An enhanced version of the pylon ROS driver is available for download via github and enables the integration of Basler 2D cameras into ROS projects.

ROS is a great framework for collaborative development due to its open source nature, making the development of robot systems much easier. It was originally developed for service robots but is increasingly being used to develop innovative solutions in industrial robotics. The ROS driver supports both USB and GigE-2D cameras and allows the use of a variety of camera functions and parameters.


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