Basler extend their new Lenses range to include the S-mount lens series from the Evetar brand. The S-mount lenses, also known as M12 lenses, all come with a fixed iris and offer an attractive price/performance ratio. They are available with a maximum image circles of  1/3″ or 1/2″. The 1/3″ series encompasses eight focal lengths, from 2.4 to 16 mm. The 1/2″ series spans five focal lengths, from 4 to 16 mm.  These are ideal to use in combination with the Basler dart board level series.

Each focal length of the two series is further available in a version with or without IR cut filter for use with colour or monochrome cameras. This is important because the colour cameras of the Basler dart series with S-mount do not come with an integrated IR-Cut filter.

Find our more about the dart board level series

Basler have also designed a new ‘Lens Selector’ to simplify the long search for a suitable lens. The right lens is now just a mouse click away. Try for yourself