SmartRay 3D sensors for inspection, guidance & measurement

SmartRay launch the new ECCO 65 Series, replacing the previously successful SmartRay ECCO 35 and ECCO 55 series. The ECCO 65 offers a fast, compact sensor at a low price but high performance level. Ideal for many applications in the food industry, pharmaceutics and for automotive inspection where speed is important.

In addition, SmartRay launch The ECCO 95+ Series, an economic and compact 3D sensor for high speed 3D scanning and ultra high resolution. The ECCO 95+ key features include superior 3D image quality and reduced power consumption in an industrial compact housing. With a wide range of field-of-view from 10.5mm to 280mm, with the smallest resolution of 0.37µm.

Whether you’re inspecting PCB connectors, mobile phone sub-components, automotive gear parts or surface inspection on shiny metallic surfaces, the ECCO 95+ series has a sensor model to suit your application.