The SmartRay ECCO Keeps Calm Under Pressure

The ECCO 55.100 forms the backbone of automated gas cylinder inspection

In their latest case study SmartRay reveal how they worked with Multiphysics Diagnostics Automation, an Italian scientific technology solutions provider, to create an automatic production line solution using one of their ECCO camera models. As gas cylinders operate under pressurised conditions, the integrity of their structure is extremely important and needs to be verified during the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process of these gas containment cylinders involves separate forming, bending and welding of sheet metal, all of which needs to be monitored for potential imperfections. If there are issues when bending, coupling problems can arise to cause leaks or calibration issues for further robotic welding.

The ECCO 55.100 was chosen due to its wide field of view while maintaining an extremely high-speed frame rate of 6 kHz, whilst having an easy to integrate size.

You can download the full case study to get the full details of their solution on their website here.

Smartay ECCO 55

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