‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ is the message from Multipix and its camera manufacturers regarding ‘Sony CCD sensors discontinued’ announcement.

“Although Sony has recently announced that they will stop production of all CCD sensors in March 2017, all of the manufacturers we represent have been planning for this and together we will ensure our customers have a reliable long-term supply of existing products during the discontinuation phase of the sensors” states Julie Busby, Director at Mulitpix.

Sony’s end-of-life-plan for the sensors includes the following key milestones:

Both Basler and Imperx are working very closely with Sony to manage these milestones.

Last-time-buy orders must be placed by end of August 2015.
Wafer production will be discontinued in March 2017.
Sensor delivery/shipment can be made until March 2020.

This announcement from Sony reinforces the advances made in CMOS technology in recent years , with CMOS technology now being used in place of CCD sensors in a vast range of applications.

Image quality has improved vastly in the current generation of CMOS sensors as well. They work effectively even in low light environments. Several examples include the latest global shutter sensors in Sony’s Pregius line, PYTHON from ON Semiconductor and CMV from CMOSIS.

Busby continues, “Multipix is committed to working with our customers on new and existing CCD applications, with many cameras available for several years to come. Equally we are working with key camera manufactures Basler, Imperx and Io Industries on the very latest CMOS based technology – ensuring our customers have a secure and trustworthy development path”.

Should you have any questions regarding Sony CCD’s please call our sales team on 01730 233332 for advice and discuss further.