SpecBright LED lighting from Prophotonix is different from other LED lighting

SpecBright LED lighting series from Prophotonix is different from other LED lighting.

The entire SpecBright™ range of  LED area lights, ring lights and long or short range spot lights maintain a very uniform, high-level of brightness that is not possible with conventional through-hole or surface mount LED based illuminators for comparable distances and areas.

How is this high level of brightness and uniformity achieved?  100 chip-on-board LEDs, effectively Lambertian point sources, are placed in a very small area in a package that is designed for superior thermal management.

They are driven to their potential, safely, for the longest possible lifetime and stability.

The light is then reflected and focused from reflective and Fresnel optics creating an extremely even output pattern over a relatively large area at short and medium distances.

Optional power configurations given either directly from a 24VDC power source or without resistors for the ideal current control mode for higher continuous brightness and high levels of strobed overdriving to capture bright blur-free images

SpecBrights produce the high-power high-uniformity illumination required in machine vision, biomedical, life sciences, fluorescence, security, curing, and many other demanding industrial imaging applications.

Take a look at the Specbright series datasheets to learn more.