Special Offer on Panasonic Vision P400 Software Starter Kit

With the launch of the Panasonic Vision P400 software as a stand-alone product, we are pleased to inform you about a very special introductory offer: the Vision P400 Starter Kit.

This kit includes everything needed for getting started with your first Vision P400 project using your own PC or notebook. Just install Vision P400 (version 5.0) on your laptop or PC, connect the 2 megapixel camera to your Gigabit Ethernet port and start solving your inspections tasks simply and intuitively!

Vision P400 offers first-rate algorithms for almost all typical inspections tasks such as measuring, contour checking, part identification, feature extraction, 2D-code reading and many more. You can access Vision P400 with customized user interfaces with the help of the ActiveX® interface. And just incase your inspection task cannot be handled by Vision P400’s numerous out-of-the box algorithms, the UDC (user-defined checker) allows you to implement your own inspection routines – e. g. based on the well-known MVTec HALCON library.

The kit consists Vision

  • P400 V5.0 – full version incl. USB dongle
  • 2 megapixel GigE Camera(ANPG832D)
  • Camera holder(ANPG83-MOUNTING2)
  • Power supply for camera
  • 3 m camera cable(ANPG87103RD)
  • Camera stand (TRIPODMV)
  • 25 mm high-resolution lens(C2514MKP)
  • 12 mm high-resolution lens(H1214MKP)
  • Extension tube set (EXC6J)
  • Compact, lightweight case

Order now for £3,590 – Offer until April 30th.