The Basler Ace is now also available with a standard CameraLink output. This is the best way for your application to exploit the full performance of the latest CMOS sensors from CMOSIS with no bandwidth compromises. A CameraLink camera of this size has never before provided such performance. These Ace cameras offer you clear advantages compared to classic CameraLink cameras with respect to size, weight, power consumption, temperature, and pixel output per second.

The data measured according to the EMVA 1288 standard shows that the image quality, even in such a very compact housing, is comparable to many parameters for standard CCDs and outperforms older generation CMOS sensors by far.

The quantum efficiency is exceptional, and it provides an extremely sensitive camera with low dark noise values that yield a dynamic range normally typical for high quality CCD sensors.

It does all this while running at 5 to 10 times the equivalent CCD sensor frame rate. This means that Basler ace CMOSIS cameras can be used to replace standard CCD sensor based cameras with a 29 x 29 mm form factor while providing much higher speeds.