Basler introduce further Racer linescan camera models with resolution of 6K, 8K and 12K.  Together with the already 2k and 4K Racer models, Basler’s Racer linescan family covers the whole spectrum of standard line scan cameras.

The Racer has a small footprint, measuring 56mm wide and 62mm high, producing excellent images and attractively priced.  Available with either a Gigabit Ethernet or a CameraLink interface.  The 8k model with the CameraLink interface reaches a line rate of up to 80kHz.  Highly sensitive CMOS sensor technology makes for excellent image quality, with low noise characteristics and a quantum efficiency of approximately 60%.  The CMOS sensors use very little power and their innovative heat dissipation  concept allows the cameras to stay cool to give a better image.

Excellent cameras suitable for web applications, continuous inspection of materials, flat panel display inspection and solar inspection.

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