HALCON 19.11 Anomaly Detection

NEW to HALCON Version 19.11 is Anomaly Detection

Automated surface inspection is an important task in many manufacturing industries and deep-learning-based solutions are becoming a standard tool which can be used to distinguish parts, detect and segment defects. However, it is often not easy to get enough images of the defect or the effort of labelling the available data is very high.

The NEW Anomaly Detection feature in HALCON 19.11 gives you the possibility to perform an inspection using only a relatively low number of “good” images for the training. The inference results in the “anomaly” that was detected in the inspected image compared to the trained images.

Here, you can see an example of a defective bottleneck.


HALCON Anomaly Detection Demo

Watch MVTec’s HALCON Anomaly Detection in action to understand more






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