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  1. CompaVis LED illumination series provides a new perspective for factory automation

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    Factory automation and inspection, carried out by machine vision systems, is becoming increasingly important in the production processes of diverse industries such as automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical packaging. To support high-performance image processing, SCHOTT MORITEX has increased its product portfolio of lighting and illumination systems with its new CompaVis™ LED series. The series consists of 40 different models in a variety of configurations and colours.

    The design of the CompaVis products is based on existing SCHOTT MORITEX technology platforms for constant voltage lighting products with a few changes of note. In contrast to established MCV light series, the peak wavelength for the red. CompaVis LED lights has changed from 660 to 630 nm which is the optimum “red” wavelength for camera sensitivity and LED output efficiency.

    The CompaVis series mainly consists of a variety of configurations included ring, bar and square bar illumination models.  In total 40 different types are available with red, white or blue. All models operate with 24v DC and are available with a Harting M12 connector as well as JST connector.

    IR and UV options are available upon request along with customised designs.