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  1. ?HALCON 12 can now be Embedded for Android use!

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    With “HALCON Embedded for Android,” the software can now run on portable devices such as tablets, and smartphones that use the Android operating system.  MVTec have successfully tested HALCON Embedded on different Android systems. In response to a customer request and as part of a project, MVTec develops a customised Android version that is perfectly tailored to individual requirements.

    The mobile HALCON version opens up a wide range of new application possibilities. For example, the technology can be used for reliable optical character recognition (OCR). One practical scenario in this context is mobile scanning and the recording of text and character information, such as reading power and water meters with a smartphone. Other possible scenarios include mobile recognition and the recording of street names for navigation applications or of vehicle license plate numbers to speed up the check-out process for car rentals. It is also possible to scan sales data with a mobile device and transfer it directly to company software. Other area of use include industrial plant maintenance. For example, specific components in control cabinets may be reliably identified for replacement purposes using imaging software. And there’s more: service technicians benefit from a multimedia manual. They can easily recognise assemblies and components with a mobile device and use this information to prepare instructions for certain maintenance processes or access additional information online.

    MVTec continue to add “By developing HALCON Embedded for Android, we have addressed the growing importance of mobile applications in the work environment and in everyday life. It is also important to include complex applications in mobile devices. Thanks to HALCON Embedded for Android, such applications are now also possible for complex imaging scenarios. When customers have special requirements for processing images on mobile Android systems, we are happy to support them in developing customised and tailored solutions. Our technology is ideally suited for use in embedded systems that work with the popular ARM processor architecture”.

  2. HALCON 12 is coming!

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    halcon_logo_and_slogan_bigMVTec, a leading manufacturer of standard machine vision software, will launch HALCON 12 at the Vision Show, Stuttgart next month. The new version of its flagship product HALCON offers many improvements where hardware support is concerned, as well as an optimised programming environment. These new features will benefit developers of machine vision solutions as well as the applications themselves by boosting performance. The release also sets new standards of performance and usability in machine vision technology due to more robust 3D vision processes, improved optical character recognition (OCR), optimized sample-based identification (SBI), and an easier to use camera calibration.

    Multipix Imaging, the UK distributor for HALCON Imaging Software will introduce the latest version to their existing users on 4th December at the Old Thorns Conference Centre.

    Here’s one area that HALCON 12 will improve upon:

    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications with a new technology for automatic text reading.

    Characters of any size are found robustly, in most cases, without the need to adjust parameters. The new technology has an impressive capability to distinguish characters from background texture even under challenging conditions, such as distorted characters. Together with HALCON’s classification techniques, the new text segmentation technology is the key to reliable OCR.