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Tag Archive: IMPACT imaging software

  1. New smart Pattern Sorting tool from Datalogic

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    Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation, release their IMPACT 11.2 machine vision software package. This latest release of Machine Vision Software is now more powerful and flexible than ever, supporting their latest smart cameras and vision processors and providing a new set of tools for next generation inspection and sorting systems.

    IMPACT 11.2 allows manufacturers to increase the yield and throughout of their production line by utilising machine vision technology in applications where it was previously too slow or too costly.

    Now you can Sort Products without Barcodes with the new Pattern Sorting Tool, a revolutionary pattern matching algorithm able to recognise thousands of different logos and other consumer good graphics, with unmatched reliability and efficiency. Based on a patented technology, this tool can easily solve sorting applications overcoming challenges such as random object position and orientation, perspective distortions, ambient light variations, clutter and occlusions.

    Do you Sort products?  Looking to resolve a sorting problem? Look no further contact Multipix today.