Take your bin picking to the next level

Photoneo release Bin Picking Studio 1.6.0

Bin Picking Studio comes upgraded to boost your picking experience.

The new version 1.6.0 delivers yet wider possibilities and enhanced user convenience through a whole bunch of new features.

  • Multiple grasping methods for different vision systems – Choose the optimal grasping method for each vision system to find the most suitable picking strategy for various object shapes or bin positions.
  • Semi-automatic calibration -Automate your calibration process. All you need to do is write a simple robotic program, wait for the calibration to run till the end, and then just verify and save the results.
  • Cycle time monitoring – Get an overview of basic bin picking statistics such as cycle times based on different action requests.

  • Remote access from another PC – Manage your bin picking remotely through a web browser using a local network.
  • Latest machine vision software – Bin Picking Studio 1.6.0 comes with the latest PhoXiControl software for PhoXi 3D Scanners.