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Understand the technology behind the system and discover how the technology can ensure you are getting the best from your vision system.

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Benefits working with Multipix

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We always try to understand as much a possible about our customers’ requirements so we can recommend the most appropriate technology, to provide a successful solution.

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The Multipix product range encompasses all aspects of ‘The Vision Chain’ with imaging components from the world’s leading manufacturers

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Multipix strives to provide the best pre-sales and post-sales support in our industry.  With highly experienced support engineers, we try to help our customers achieve exceptional results, optimising system parameters and avoid unnecessary down time when any issues arise.

Our Machine Vision Technology

Bin Picking

Bin Picking has been attempted for many years, but never truly solved until now! Historically, Bin Picking systems used 2D and 2.5D techniques to determine the position of products needing to be picked.

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    3D Imaging and Robotics

    3D imaging and image processing is becoming more accessible and being applied to an increasing number of vision system. Combine this with a robot for the ultimate automated solution, such as bin picking and depalletisation.

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      Deep Learning and Edge

      Neural Networks are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute the human brain. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are a class of deep, feed-forward artificial neural networks, most commonly applied to analysing images. Deep Learning uses large CNNs to solve complex problems difficult or impossible to solve with so-called conventional computer vision algorithms.

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        High Speed Imaging

        The big question is how to record or process such high data rates, often with tagged external events, for playback and analysis later at more manageable speeds. Standard camera interfaces that support very high data rates are CameraLink and more recently the increasing powerful CoaXPress.

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          Multispectral Imaging

          Multispectral cameras capture image data at specific frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelengths may be separated by filters or by using instruments which are sensitive only to specific wavelengths. This not only includes the visible light but also frequencies beyond such as infra-red.

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            Infrared Imaging

            Infra-red imaging is beyond the visible spectrum, starting about 800nm and extending beyond. Humans cannot see these wavelengths but they do reveal interesting and often very important data. But to see or image this, it is necessary to use special sensor/camera technology.

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              Linescan Imaging

              A line scan camera is capable of creating very high resolution images at very high speeds, without breaking the bank! Even when speed is not the issue, this technology overcomes the difficulties and cost associated with area scan solutions of very high resolution

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                Lenses and Lighting

                Identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection task is vital to the success of the solution. The light (photons) that is being reflected from the scene is ‘captured’ by the camera and forms the image which is at the heart of many computer vision or machine vision applications.

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