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3D Imaging and Robotics

The power of 3D imaging

3D imaging and image processing is becoming more accessible and being applied to an increasing number of vision system. Combine this with a robot for the ultimate automated solution, such as bin picking and depalletisation. 3D imaging works on the basis that you have scene or object information, such as edges and points. From this information, 3D data is reconstructed and powerful vision solutions are created.

The most suitable 3D camera technology will greatly depend on your application and the information required from the image processing, which is where Multipix Imaging’s Technology Specialists can assist you:

  • 3D Pose for robot control
  • 3D Surface inspection of local deviations
  • 3D Object extraction for inspection/counting
  • Z measurements, i.e. height data, and more….

3D Camera Technology

  • Stereo/Multi 3D Imaging
  • Time of Flight
  • Laser Triangulation
  • Structured Light
  • RGB-D

Points to consider

  • Type of Inspection
  • Accuracy/Measurement
  • Object Features
  • Static/Moving Object
  • Environmental Conditions

Applications for 3D

  • Optimising Production
  • 3D Inspection
  • Volumetrics
  • Intelligent Warehousing
  • Robot Bin Picking

3D Object Processing and Extraction

Similar to blob analysis in 2D, developers that use MVTec’s HALCON or Euresys eVision are able to measure and extract various features from 3D point clouds, as well as segment point clouds based on those features. Background points can easily be removed via thresholding and point clouds can be intersected by a plane to create a 2D cross-section profile.

Featured Products for 3D Imaging and Robotics

Implement smart 3D technology for vision guided robots to assist in applications from warehouse packaging to increasing the speed of production/handling materials whilst ensuring workforce safety.