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Bin Picking Technology

True 3D Bin Picking

Bin Picking has been attempted for many years, but never truly solved… until now!

Historically, Bin Picking systems used 2D and 2.5D techniques to determine the position of products needing to be picked.  Recently, many systems have begun to use true 3D (or at least claimed true 3D!), but the quality of the 3D data was still very restricting.

In recent years 3D technology has improved enormously and we can now offer a reliable solution for Bin Picking, making previously impossible tasks achievable and saving cost and time.

Photoneo’s award-winning Bin Picking Studio (BPS) is capable of processing objects from a variety of materials that are randomly distributed in unorganized bins and feeding them into the manufacturing production line. The heart of this ground-breaking solution is the PhoXi 3D scanner which has unrivaled performance when imaging complex 3D scenes.  The Phoxi-3D uses unique fringe pattern projection technology to produce outstanding, ultra clean point clouds of object surfaces and enables truly accurate 3D surface reconstruction that results in the incredibly accurate picking of objects.

This truly unique Bin Picking system also handles robot path planning and collision avoidance to guide robots for safe object extraction.

Bin Picking Studio Benefits

  1. Large database of supported robot models
    • Supporting a large database of robot models and commitment to add any model of robot from the ever-increasing list of supported manufacturers.
  2. Design, visualize and configure
    • Track your work in the visual setup wizard. Get feedback on each step within the configuration immediately.
  3. Pick multiple objects
    • Pick up to 4 different objects and use up to 4 scanners within one scenario..
  4. Never start from zero again
    • Reuse/redeploy previous solutions.
  5. Instant finding of gripping points
    • Specially designed search engine for the selection of gripping points. Finding the right point to grasp will never be a problem again.

Supreme 3D Vision System

PhoXi 3D Scanner offers a wide variety of scanning volumes with best-in-class point cloud quality and track record of being used in the harshest industrial environments.

Full Path Planning & Collision Avoidance

Unique robot control with a rapid calculation of movement trajectories, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

Robot Agnostic

Compatible with a huge range of robots supporting a wide variety of commands.

Bin Picking Studio is a combination of powerful 3D vision hardware and intelligent software, making it the worlds best all-in-one solution to reduce your costs, downtime and develop your automation to the next level.

Featured Products

Bin Picking Studio from Photoneo is a proprietary software created for use with the PhoXi 3D Scanner to provide a cutting-edge bin picking solution.