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High Speed Imaging

Record, play-back, analyse, process

With image sensor resolutions and frame rates constantly advancing, digital video data rates continue to increase. The big question surrounding this regards how to record or process such high data rates, often with tagged external events, for playback and analysis later at more manageable speeds. Standard camera interfaces that support very high data rates are CameraLink and, more recently, the increasing powerful CoaXPress. Both require a frame grabber interface.

Traditional high speed video cameras rely on internal memory for storage, usually with enough capacity for a few seconds or minutes of video at most. Multipix Imaging are offering DVR solutions that can be configured with up to 45 TB of solid state storage, meaning tens of minutes if not hours of video can be recorded, without the need to download to disk after recording. After recording, files can be played back or reviewed frame-by-frame, processed or exported into commonly-supported image or video file formats.

Flexible Recording

  • Synchronous Recording from Multiple Data Sources- Not Just Camera
  • GPS/IRIQ/DAQs etc Support
  • Export RAW or Compressed
  • Real-time Extended Recording to SSDs with Trigger and Loop Facility


  • Academia
  • Automotive
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Media/Broadcast
  • Science and Research

CoaXPress 2.0 Features

  • Extended Bandwidth
  • Increased Trigger Rates
  • Unified Time Stamping
  • Error Reporting
  • Data Sharing
  • Micro BNC

CoaXPress Interface

The success of CoaXPress as a high-end, high-speed machine vision standard has been driven by its reliability, simplicity (in terms of cable and connectors), extended cable lengths, and other industry-required features, such as very low jitter triggers, camera control, and power over cable

NON-VOLATILE SOLID STATE MEDIA The DVR Express Core 2 incorporates a removable cartridge (Drive Shuttle) holding up to four solid-state drives built with NAND flash technology.  Using solid-state media ensures reliable continuous recording with no dropped frames, plus tolerance to shock and vibration.  Recording directly to non-volatile storage protects data in the event of a power loss, where a RAM-based video recorder would lose the data immediately.

Multipix Imaging’s Technology Specialists are able to offer you experienced advice, including high speed imaging for recording combustion processes, microfluidics, PIV, Cytometry and so much more.