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Lenses & Lighting

Understanding Your Requirements

Identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection task is vital to the success of the solution. The light (also known as photons) that is being reflected from the scene is ‘captured’ by the camera and forms the image which is at the heart of many computer vision or machine vision applications. This image is typically processed for inspection or monitoring purposes. This processing will struggle to provide correct data and robust results if the image is not illuminated consistently and appropriately.

In addition to lighting, selecting the correct lens for optimum image quality for your application is where Multipix Imaging can help. Lenses can have considerably different characteristics that will impact the final image as well as their suitability for the environment they are being used in. For example, there may be a very short working distance or very high vibrations that must be considered, not just the more obvious characteristics, such as format size and mount-type.

Lens Features

  • Mount type
  • F-stop
  • Format
  • Resolution
  • MTF
  • Min. Working Distance
  • Depth of Field
  • Telecentric…

Why use Filters ?

  • Wavelength (colour) Separation
  • Block Unwanted Light
  • Increase Resolution
  • Reduce Glare
  • Near-IR Imaging
  • Fluorescence
  • UV Imaging
  • Lens Protection

Powering LEDs

Current Controlled – sophisticated sensing technology to ensure each LED unit is supplied the correct current. Reduces heat generation to improve output intensity, efficiency and stability

Voltage Controlled – typically driven by industrial 24/12V DC power supplies. Over-driving (strobing) is possible for instantaneous, high intensity illumination.

Use Filters to Improve the Image for Processing and Visualisation

Multipix Imaging provide and offer advise on imaging accessories, including an excellent range of filters from MidOpt. MidOpt filters with their unique StableEdge Technology make them the number one choice – specifically designed to be less susceptible to effects from angular shifting seen when optical filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12mm) camera lenses.

Machine Vision Lighting

Techniques and Configurations

Machine Vision Lenses

What you need to know!

Multipix Imaging’s Technology Specialists are trained in identifying the best lens and lighting for your application.