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 In the 23 years we’ve been in business, Multipix have continued to deliver first class support from our dedicated team who are continually trained on the latest products and machine vision technologies. Multipix supply vision components to all industries covering a vast array of vision applications. We value all our relationships with our customers and manufacturers and constantly strive to improve our services.There is nothing better than hearing what others have to say so here are some testimonials from our customers…

I have worked in the Machine Vision business for the last 25 years in different environments. Multipix Imaging Ltd have given me and my teams excellent support in all aspects of vision. Not just illumination and cameras but the more specialised components which have improved our process 5 fold. The Technical sales team are always available and even if they hit a barrier in their product range they have the contacts to provide a solution with their contacts in the industry. Their connection to Halcon Vision engine is great . The Multipix office team have set up some halcon systems to allow my team to get to the core programming faster. We are a very large Global company and Multipix understands the need for speed but more so excellent quality components. Multipix are my first point of contact for Machine Vision Components.


Multipix, they are specialists of machine vision systems, have great experience and knowledge, one of our most important partners. We are honored to work with.

Moritex Europe

Multipix are a valued supplier. We have been working with them for a number of years and find the service excellent and the staff a pleasure to deal with.